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You will easily create a beautiful explosion of color at your next event. Whether it’s a small celebration or a huge produced stage event, we have the perfect confetti cannon for your event.

Disposable Confetti Cannons are fun and economical and get everyone involved in the fun.

Handheld Confetti Cannon is reusable. You can use it anywhere at any type of event.

Electric Confetti Cannon is great for events where you can place the confetti cannon on the floor or on a truss.

Or go for the largest effect with our Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon. You will easily create the confetti or streamer effect that you want with any of our confetti cannons.

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creating memorable moments!

You will create incredible confetti effects easily with our easy to use confetti cannons. We’ve made it easy to find the perfect confetti cannon.

The Confetti Cannon Store offers several models of confetti cannons.

Disposable Confetti Cannon is easy and fun to use.

Handheld Confetti Cannon is reusable and easy to load and reload.

Electric Confetti Cannon is available in floor or truss models.

Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon shoots confetti over 80 feet creating a huge confetti effect.

T-Shirt Cannon will shoot t-shirts over 80 feet into the crowd.


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