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Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

  • 2 Disposable Confetti Cannons
  • Preloaded with Confetti
  • You Choose Pink or Light Blue
  • Non Labeled for Surprise Effect
  • Just Hold and Twist to Fire the Confetti
extreme gender reveal kit - boy
2 large confetti cannons - light blue confetti
extreme gender reveal kit - girl

Is it a boy or a girl?

surprise everyone with confetti

Learning you’re pregnant is a pretty special moment! Equally unforgettable is finding out the gender of your baby-to-be. Our disposable confetti cannons are the perfect addition to any gender reveal party. These confetti cannons are preloaded with pink or blue confetti. With all your friends and family gathered to hear the exciting announcement. Simply pass out several of our preloaded confetti cannons to your guests. Add to the excitement with a count down… One, Two, Three…. Then with just a twist of your wrist, confetti explodes into the air. Pink or blue confetti slowly floats and falls through the air.

Picture Perfect Moment

You can just imagine the look on the faces of your family and friends! When with a twist of your wrist you send confetti flying into the air. Either pink or blue confetti announcing the gender of you new bundle of joy!

Surprise Family and Friends

You already know the big secret. Now its time to tell your family and friends. You have kept them waiting in anticipation. You can now send colorful confetti shooting through the air to let them in on the secret!

Easy Ordering

If you are unsure of the gender of your new baby you can order 1 kit of each color. The confetti cannons will come labeled with a sticker on top. You can easily remove the sticker. Keeping the secret until the perfect moment.