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get everything for 10 shots!

  • You Get a Reusable Handheld Confetti Cannon
  • Just Load the Confetti or Streamers into barrel
  • Put a Compression Cap onto the Barrel
  • Use Compression Tape to Secure Cap
  • Just Aim and Fire
  • Confetti Flies High Over 35 feet
  • Streamers Shoot Over 65 feet 
Confetti Celebrations
handheld Confetti Cannon kit
tissue confetti - 10 shots
(Reusable Handheld Confetti Cannon Included)
TISSUE streamers - 10 SHOTS
(Reusable Handheld Confetti Cannon Included)
handheld confetti cannon Kit
metallic CONFETTI - 10 SHOTS
(Reusable Handheld Confetti Cannon Included)
METALLIC streamers - 10 SHOTS
(Reusable Handheld Confetti Cannon Included)

You save time and money

10 shot kits are a great value!

Save money with confetti fun kits.  Excellent confetti and streamer coverage for any event!  Each kit includes everything you need to create multiple confetti and streamer shots.  Choose confetti or streamers.  Choose your perfect colors. 

You just easily load the confetti or streamers into the barrel. Using compression tape you secure a cap to the end of the barrel. Next screw in a CO2 cartridge and your ready to make some fun. Just aim upwards at a 45 degree angle and pull the trigger. Colorful confetti or streamers explode high into the air!


The Handheld Confetti Cannon is a great way to create confetti and streamer effects for any celebration! From small intimate gatherings to large theatrical shows, parades, awards ceremonies, dance competitions and the list can go on.


You can shoot confetti or streamers from your parade float. You can cover the stage with colorful confetti during your show. Show your excitement for your team with high flying streamers. Make you grand opening memorable with confetti filling the air.

Get Years of Use

You will get years of use with this confetti cannon. Each confetti cannon is built with quality and dependability. Guaranteed! We are proud to manufacture our Handheld Confetti Cannons here in Orlando Florida.