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add fun & excitement

  • Built in road case
  • Shoots Confetti over 80 feet high
  • Shoots 1 pound confetti per second
  • Great for large venues
  • Make huge clouds of confetti instantly
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continuous flow confetti cannon
with 5 lbs tissue confetti included

great for large events

fill the air with confetti

You will get the biggest confetti effect with our continuous flow confetti cannon. This large volume confetti cannon blasts confetti up to 80 feet into the air. You will blast up to 1 pound of confetti per second into the air with this confetti cannon. This confetti cannon is built right into a road case. Just remove the lid of the road case. Secure the horn to the bolts inside the unit. Attach the hose to the horn. Attach the other end of the hose to the 50lb liquid CO2 siphon tank (Not Included). You can rent 50lb CO2 siphon tanks locally in your area. Go to to find a location. Pour the loose confetti into the road case. When you are ready to shoot the confetti just turn the ball valve to the open position. The confetti instantly fills the air.

Rent Confetti Cannon

You get the continuous flow confetti cannon with your rental along with 5lbs of tissue or metallic confetti. You can upgrade to more confetti by selecting that option when you order. You will need to rent a liquid CO2 siphon tank locally for your event. You can easily find a local retailer by going to and putting in your zip code.

Buy Confetti Cannon

You get the continuous flow confetti cannon built into a road case. The road case is on wheels for easy moving and storage. You will get the horn and hose with ball valve included. You can rent 50lb CO2 siphon tanks locally at

Great for Events

  • Corporate Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Sports Events
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Product Launch
  • Graduation