questions about confetti cannons

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Are confetti and streamers biodegradable?

Tissue confetti and tissue streamers are flameproof and biodegradable. Metallic confetti and metallic streamers are flameproof.

How many confetti cannons do I need?

It depends on the area that you want covered in confetti or streamers. We suggest to place a confetti cannon every 10-12 feet to get the maximum coverage.

Do the confetti cannon make noise?

Yes, the confetti cannon will make a pop when they are fired. It is not extremely loud.

Do you charge more for custom color mixes?

No, there is no charge for custom color mixed confetti and streamers.

Confetti or streamers which is best?

Neither is best. It depends on the type of effect you are looking to create.

How far does the confetti shoot?

Confetti shoots out over 35 feet high in the air. As the confetti slowly floats and falls through the air it covers approximately 400-500sf area.

How far to streamers shoot?

Streamers shoot out soaring over 65 feet high into the air. The streamers spread out wide as they fly.