things to consider

What do you want to cover with confetti?
  • Stage Area
  • Audience
  • Dance Floor
  • Finish Line
  • Wedding Couple
  • Guest of Honor
Is your event indoors or outdoor?

You will get a much bigger visual effect shooting streamers outside. Confetti and streamer work equally well indoors.

Do you want to shoot confetti or streamers?

Confetti covers an adjacent area to the confetti cannon of approximately 400-500sf. Streamers blast out shooting over 65 feet into the air.

How far does the confetti go?

Confetti will blast out over 35 feet high spreading wide as it slowly floats and falls through the air.

What area will 1 handheld confetti cannon cover?

You will get approximately 400-500sf of coverage. The confetti shoots out straight and then spreads as it slowly floats in the air.

How much space between multiple confetti cannons?

When using multiple handheld confetti cannons to create a larger effect, we recommend spacing the confetti cannon around 10-12 feet apart. This spacing allows for the best visual effect.