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Colorful Confetti

Confetti Flying in the Air!

Soaring Streamers

spectacular soaring streamers

Shoot Confetti or Streamers

A well-designed confetti or streamer shot adds fun and excitement to any type of event. You will get amazing confetti and streamer coverage with our electric confetti cannon. It is versatile for many types of events. The adjustable barrel gives you full control on where you aim the confetti or streamers.

You can shoot colorful confetti or beautiful streamers or both at the same time! Each combination creates a spectacular and unique effect. The confetti will instantly explode high in the air over 35 feet. Send streamers shooting over the crowd over 65 feet.

Operates on Electricity (110v)

This confetti cannon uses 110 volt electricity to control the solenoid inside the cannon. When it receives power the solenoid is opened instantly firing the confetti. They will work with any controllable electrical outlet or power source. A power-strip with an on/off button works well.


Our professional electric cannons are built here in the USA from quality parts. They are very reliable and will work for years. We back them with our Money Back Guarantee!

On Stage Confetti Effects

You can create an amazing effect by using 2 confetti cannons (or more). Place 1 confetti cannon on either side of the stage or floor area. Aim the barrels towards the front and center of the area. You will get a brilliant criss cross effect with confetti or streamers.

Shoot over the Audience

You can create an wonderful effect by using 2 confetti cannons (or more). Place the confetti cannons at the front of the stage area. Aim the barrels out towards the audience. You will get a wall of confetti or streamers blasting over the audience.