Free Shipping Included

T-Shirt Cannon

Blast T-shirts High Over the Crowd!

Get the Crowd Excited!

t-shirt cannon with rolled t-shirt
  • Blast t-shirts 80 feet high
  • Backpack harness
  • 5lb co2 tank
  • Up to 80 shots per tank

Pump up the excitement at your next event

You will create great fun and excitement with our T-Shirt Cannon. Just pull the trigger and shoot the shirts into the air. The backpack harness makes it completely portable. You can use it anywhere at any event.

Free Ground Shipping

Free UPS ground shipping is included. Rentals include Free UPS ground shipping to and from your event.

Up to 80 shots per tank

You will get approximately 80 shots per tank. It depends on how long you hold the trigger when shooting the shirts.

Filling the CO2 tank

The co2 tank is shipped empty. You can check at to find a local fill station in your location. We cannot ship full co2 tanks.

Loading the t-shirts

Roll the shirts up tightly. Place 3 rubber bands on the shirt. (see photos below) Rolling and rubber banding the t-shirts make it easy to load the t-shirts into the barrel.


Tightly rolled and rubber banded t-shirts will get the maximum distance (80 feet). Rolled t-shirts that are not rubber banded will fly a shorter distance (15-25 feet).

folding t-shirt step 1 folding t-shirt step 2

Lay the t-shirt out flat

Fold in the sleeves

folding t-shirt step 3 folding t-shirt step 4

Roll the t-shirt tightly

Place 3 rubber bands