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Confetti Cannons

Confetti flying in the air
It's A confetti Party!
Confetti blasting into the air


Add some fun and excitement at your next event or party with confetti. You can shoot confetti high into the air. Then the confetti will spread out wide. Slowly floating and falling through the air creating a beautiful display of color.

Streamers soaring high creating excitement


High flying streamers are an easy way to elevate the excitement at your event. You can send streamers shooting through the air. The streamers instantly explode with color. Soaring streamers spread out wide as they fly through the air.

Confetti floating and falling through the air


You will easily create a beautiful explosion of color at your next event with our confetti cannons. Whether it’s a small celebration or a huge produced stage event, we have the perfect confetti cannon for you.

Fun and Economical Disposable Confetti Cannons get everyone involved in the fun.

Reusable Handheld Confetti Cannons are easy to load and reload.

Powerful Electric Confetti Cannons are great for any type of event or celebration.

Blast Confetti 80 feet high with Large Volume Confetti Cannons. This confetti cannon is great for large events.