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Confetti Cannon Store

Helping You Celebrate

Huge celebration


Add some fun and excitement at your next event or party. You can shoot the confetti high into the air. It will spread out wide as it falls through the air. You will create a beautiful display of color.
Streamers soaring high creating excitement


High flying streamers are an easy way to elevate the excitement at your event. You can send them shooting through the air. They instantly explode with color soaring through the air.

Confetti floating and falling through the air


There are many names for a confetti cannon. Confetti blaster or confetti shooter just to name a few. Different names but they all create the same effect. They shoot colorful confetti into the air.

Professional Confetti Cannons

If you're looking for amazing effects to add to your special event, you've come to the right place.

Our cannons are simple and easy to use. They are powered by co2 compressed air. There is no gun powder or other explosive. There are no permits required to use them. They are safe and fun to use.

Let us take the stress and worry out of how to add an incredible effect to your event. You can create incredible displays of color anywhere with our cannons.

Electric Confetti Cannons

Discover the Magic!

Confetti flying in the air

You have seen the confetti on New Year’s Eve in Times Square. When it begins to fall through the air it elevates the excitement. It has been used at events and celebrations for years. It adds fun and excitement to any event or celebration. Nothing puts a smile on people’s face more than colorful confetti filling the air! You can easily add this effect to any event with our reliable and easy to use professional confetti cannons.

Our confetti is cut into rectangles. The pieces are ½ inch wide and 2 inches long. You can choose from colorful tissue paper or shiny metallic paper. It is sold in sleeves or in bulk by the pound. The sleeves contain 10 stacks in each sleeve. The sleeves make loading the barrel very easy. You open the end and slide the sleeve into the barrel. Bulk is just loose cut confetti in a bag.

High Flying Streamers

You will create a stunning visual effect with colorful streamers filling the air. Vibrant tissue paper or shiny metallic streamers are available. You will create a high impact moment with high flying streamers. Start your celebration today.

Our streamers are ½ inch wide and 25 feet long. You can choose from bright tissue paper or reflective metallic paper. Streamers are sold in sleeves. The sleeves have 30-32 streamers. The streamer sleeves make loading the barrel very easy. You cut the end and pour the streamers into the barrel.

Streamers soaring high in the air

The Ultimate Effects!

Confetti flying in the air

For the over 20 years Special Effects Systems, Inc. has been building special effect cannons. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products. We offer a complete line of professional cannons and streamer cannons. They are reusable and durable providing years of use! Guaranteed!

We offer rentals of professional cannons for clients who need effects for their events. We are located in Orlando, Florida and provide special effects and rental services throughout the United States.

You’re just a click away from your special effect!

We make it easy to create your own Incredible Effects. Our experts are ready to help you create your own memorable effect at any event. Check out our full line of cannons. You can buy and rent several types of cannons. You can use them to create the perfect effect at your next event.

Confetti & streamer effects are fun and exciting!

Just Load-Aim-Fire!

It's a confetti party