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Disposable Confetti Cannon

These cannons are ready to shoot right out of the box. Aim them upwards and twist the bottom part to fire. They are filled with premium confetti or streamers. Choose the perfect colors for your event or party for free. Choose from small, medium or large.

Handheld Confetti Cannon

You will blast confetti or streamers high into the air with our professional reusable cannon. You can load and reload it quickly. It is powered by a small CO2 cylinder that makes it completely portable. You can use it anywhere for exciting confetti and streamer effects.

Electric Confetti Cannon

You can create instant visual effects with our professional electric cannons. The confetti or streamers will burst into the air making a colorful and exciting effect. Loading and reloading are very easy for multiple shots. Purchase or rentals are available.

Continuous Confetti Cannon

You will fill the room with confetti with our giant cannon. The colorful confetti will shoot out over 80 feet spreading out wide. Use this cannon anytime you want to have an enormous confetti effect. It will shoot a pound of confetti per second. Purchase and rentals available.

Incredible Confetti Effects with Free Shipping

Celebrate with Confetti

If you’re looking for fantastic confetti effects to add to your special event or occasion, you’ve come to the right place. All of our professional confetti cannons are reusable. They are guaranteed to give you an impressive confetti effect for your event.

Professional Confetti Cannons

Choose from our Handheld Confetti Cannon, Electric Confetti Cannon, or the large Continuous Flow Confetti Machine. They are simple and easy to use. CO2 cylinders provide the lift to shoot the confetti.

Disposable Confetti Cannons

Single use Disposable Confetti Cannons are custom filled with confetti or streamers. You choose the exact colors for your event. Place your order and when they arrive they are ready to party. No setup only fun!

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

You will have a fantastic gender reveal party with our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons. Each one is filled with premium tissue paper confetti. Either pink for a girl or light blue for a boy. There are no labels on the outside indicating the color. Your Secret is Safe!

No Permits Required

There is no gunpowder or any other explosive used with our cannons. There are no permits required to use them. They are safe and fun to use. You do need to check with you venue to make sure they allow confetti cannons. Sometimes they won't allow confetti but they will allow streamers. They are easier to clean up.

Let us take the stress and worry out of adding an incredible confetti effect to your event.

How to Use Confetti

You might be wondering how to use confetti. You can throw it, toss it, drop it from above. But we think the best way is to blast it into the air with a confetti cannon. Our professional handheld and electric cannons produce small to medium sized confetti shots. Our continuous confetti blower creates a huge confetti blast over 80 feet. Find out how far confetti will shoot from our cannons and the area of coverage.

Confetti Ideas

There are many ways to use confetti to add some buzz to your event. Shoot it over the dance floor or cover the audience. Fire it onto the stage during a performance to get everyone pumped up. Blast some into the air at the finish line or the awards ceremony. Confetti falling in the air makes any celebration a confetti party.

Check out our frequently asked questions.

What is Confetti?

Our premium confetti is cut into rectangles. The confetti size is .5-inch wide and 2-inches long. It is sold in sleeves with 10 stacks of confetti. We also sell bulk confetti by the pound.

Huge Confetti Celebration

Colorful Confetti

Add some fun and excitement at your next event or party. You can shoot the confetti high into the air. It spreads out wide as it falls through the air. You will create a beautiful display of color.
Big event celebration with soaring streamers.

Soaring Streamers

High flying streamers are an easy way to elevate the excitement at your event. You can send them shooting through the air. They instantly explode with color soaring through the air.

Four Electric Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons

Confetti blaster, confetti blower, confetti launcher, or confetti shooter. They are all different names but they all create the same effect. They shoot colorful confetti into the air.