Disposable Confetti Cannon

From 6.99

Wedding Confetti Cannons

Kits from 39.99

Biodegradable Confetti Cannon

From 10.99

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

From 10.99

Handheld Confetti Cannon

From 124.99

Electric Confetti Cannons

From 124.99

Continuous Confetti Cannon

From 399.99

T Shirt Shooting Cannon

From 395.99

party cannons

Party confetti cannons with blue tissue confetti blasting into the air.

Custom party cannons are filled with the colors you choose. There's no loading or setup.

Just grab one and aim it up into the air.  Just twist the bottom and instantly fill the air with color.

professional confetti cannons

Confetti showering the winners on a stage.

You'll achieve awesome visual effects with our professional cannons. 

Who We Are

Special Effects Systems is a Orlando-based visual effects company featuring different types of confetti cannons for all types of events.

We'll help you achieve amazing effects that will create an atmosphere of fun and excitement at your event.

A couple announcing the gender of their new little girl with pink confetti and smoke blasting into the air.

What we offer

From large outdoor events, stage productions, birthday parties and everything in between, we've got what you need to create stunning visual effects.

Stage Productions

We've got professional cannons to help you create awesome effects for your staged productions.


Celebrate weddings, anniversaries or any occasion with fun.

Fun Parties

We've got everything you need to create a fun and exciting moment. Great for gender reveals, birthdays, holidays or anytime.

what we do

Add excitement to your next event

You’ll easily create a moment filled with excitement with our easy to use cannons.

Huge confetti party with confetti everywhere.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • The confetti cannons for our wedding were fantastic! Perfect for the dance floor! All our guests loved the surprise element and it made for great photos!


  • Awesome customer service! I bought 6 large cannons for a baby reveal party and needed them ASAP! Randy responded to my email and sent the package overnight!


  • Amazing customer service and product! They worked perfect and let off TONS of beautiful BLUE confetti! It was a perfect day - made even more perfect by these fun cannons! Will use again and recommend!


  • Great company with awesome fun product. Custom orders available and will arrive in time for your event! Highly recommend