High Flying Streamers

Streamers add an incredible visual effect to any event. Streamer sleeves are designed for easy loading into all of our confetti cannons. Tissue Streamers are available in vibrant colors that soar through the air. Metallic Streamers shine and reflect the light as they fly through the air. Tissue Confetti is available in 11 vibrant colors. Metallic Confetti is available in 9 shiny colors. All of our streamer products are flameproof. They shoot out over 65 feet from electric and handheld cannons.

Biodegradable Tissue Streamers

Tissue streamers are biodegradable. They will degrade over time when exposed to the elements. They are not water soluble. It will take several days and Mother Nature to help it degrade.

Flameproof Streamers

Tissue paper streamers are flameproof. They will not catch fire or burn.

Easy Clean Up

When you shoot streamers into the air everyone in the audience picks them up. Some even take them with them. Any streamers that are left can be cleaned up easily with a stick broom. Turn the broom upside down and use the handle to make circles over the streamers. The streamers will catch on the handle and wind up in a ball. Then slide the ball of streamers off the handle and your clean up is done.