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Buy Confetti in Sleeves

Confetti Sleeves Make Loading Easy!

Easy Load Sleeves

Sleeved confetti makes it easy to load your confetti cannon with the maximum amount of confetti. Each sleeve has 10 stacks of confetti. Each stack has about 400 pieces. This gives you a total of around 4000 pieces in each sleeve.

When to Use

Confetti sleeves are designed to work with our reusable handheld confetti cannon and electric confetti cannon. You cut the sleeve open and slide the confetti into the barrel. With the maximum amount of confetti loaded into the barrel you will get the best confetti shot.


Tissue paper confetti is biodegradable. It will begin to degrade over time when exposed to the outside elements. It can take a few days or up to a week depending on the wind, rain and sun.


Both tissue and metallic confetti are flameproof and will not catch fire.