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Types of Confetti Cannons

We’ve been building cannons and creating exciting confetti effects for over 20 years! We have several models and styles. No matter what type of event or celebration you’re planning, we’ve made it a cinch to add an exciting confetti blast.

How to Get the Perfect Confetti Shot

electric confetti cannons

You will get the perfect confetti shot with the adjustable barrel on our electric model.

Place these cannons anywhere on the floor or stage area. Aim the barrel upwards toward the area where you want the confetti to shoot.

  • Adjustable Barrel
  • Confetti shoots over 35 ft
  • Cover approx. 700-800 sf area
  • Easy to reload

Load the barrel with a sleeve of confetti. Screw a CO2 cylinder into the piercing unit and attach to the cannon. Plug the cannon into a controllable power source. Turn the power on to fire the confetti. You will cover approximately a 700-800sf area with confetti.

This floor model cannon works great for any performance, show, musical, or theatrical production. You can place this unit anywhere due to its small footprint. It’s easy to hide or disguise this model on stage. It gives you the element of surprise when the confetti shoots out.

Reusable Cannons

handheld confetti cannons

You will create colorful confetti blasts with our professional handheld cannon. Made of a durable PVC for years of use. It is entirely portable and only requires a co2 cartridge to fire the confetti. This model works excellent for creating confetti shots at weddings, receptions, parades and essentially any celebration.

  • Re-loadable
  • Portable
  • Years of Use
  • Shoots confetti 35 ft

Load the barrel with a sleeve of confetti. Screw a co2 cylinder into the trigger. Aim the barrel upwards toward the area where you want the confetti to shoot. When you're ready, pull the ring trigger to fire the confetti. You will cover approximately a 700-800 sf area with confetti.

Giant Cannons

giant confetti cannon

Create the biggest confetti blasts with our large volume continuous confetti blower. You will shoot about a pound of confetti per second into the air. The confetti will zoom over 80 feet high. Use this model for large indoor or outdoor events and celebrations. It also creates a spectacular moment for races and sports events.

  • Create a huge effect
  • Blast confetti over 80 ft
  • Cover 1200-2000 sf area

Free shipping included with your purchase or rental. Rentals include 5 pounds of confetti. You will cover about a 1200-2000 sf area with confetti.

Single Use Cannons

single use confetti cannons

Single-use confetti cannons allow you to make some confetti fun anywhere you want. They are custom filled when you place your order. We only use premium flameproof confetti. Our tissue paper confetti is biodegradable. Your cannons will arrive ready to party. All you do is aim them upward and twist the bottom handle to fire the confetti into the air.

  • Pre-loaded
  • Custom colors
  • Shoots confetti 15-25 ft
  • Covers 200-800 sf area

You can choose from small, medium, or large. The small cannon is loaded with 1200 pieces of confetti and shoots about 20 feet. The medium has 2000 pieces of confetti and fires about 25 feet. The large has 3200 confetti pieces and fires about 30 feet.

You will cover about a 200-400 sf area with confetti with the small cannon. 400-600 sf with the medium cannon and 600-800 sf with the large cannon.