Wedding Confetti Cannon

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Wedding Kits

Wedding photos can make for some of the best memories from your special day. There are so many moments when you can shoot the confetti.

Each kit has six cannons. You can shoot them all in one shot. Or, you can shoot them one at a time and get multiple photo opportunities.

beautiful wedding confetti

Wedding Cannons

You can create incredible moments with our cannons. It’s perfect to add to any moment to make it memorable. The walk down the aisle for the new couple. The entrance to the reception. The time-honored First Dance. You could even shoot confetti during the bouquet toss.

Confetti adds that something special to photos that will make people remember and smile. You can use confetti for the honeymoon departure instead of rice or birdseed.

High Flying Confetti

Our premium confetti is cut into rectangles. They measure ½-inch wide by 2-inches in length. This large size confetti floats and falls through the air slower giving you a longer visual confetti effect.

The confetti will explode out into the air shooting over 25 feet. Then it will begin to spread out and slowly fall to the ground. Since the confetti shoots up to this height, you have plenty of time for your photographer and guests to snap some great shots!

Our white and multi-color tissue confetti is flameproof and biodegradable. Our silver metallic confetti is flameproof.

Beautiful Soft Confetti Wedding Photo

Ready to Use

All of our cannon kits are packed with premium confetti. When your box arrives your cannons are ready to go. All you need to do is decide when and where you are going to shoot them.

It is a good idea to let your photographer know that you will be using confetti. They can probably give you good ideas of the best spots to take confetti photos.

How to Use a Wedding Confetti Cannon

They are very easy. You hold the top part with your left hand. Hold the bottom part with your right hand. Make sure the bottom part you are holding has the stripes.

Then aim the barrel upward in the air pointing about the couple. Twist the bottom striped part to the left to fire the confetti into the air.

wedding confetti

Wedding Ideas

There are many moments during a wedding where you can have an amazing confetti shot.


Don't just enter your reception! Make a grand entrance with confetti showering down all around you. It will make an incredible moment for everyone to remember.

First Dance

Celebrate your first dance together as a new couple with confetti slowly falling and floating all around you as you dance. You will feel like royalty on top of the world.

Honeymoon Departure

Rice isn't good to throw at the new couple. Birdseed is not much fun either. Why not have people on both sides shooting confetti up and over the newlywed couple as they head to their ride to start their honeymoon!