Celebrating Life's Moments

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We create experiences to connect people through intense visual effects to celebrate life’s great moments with lasting memories using confetti and streamers.

Big party with everyone shooting blue confetti for a boy's gender reveal party.

Moments Created

Special Effects Systems, Inc. is a design and visual experience agency using confetti and streamers to add visual impact to any event. With over 2 decades of experience, we combine creativity and knowledge with our own confetti cannon designs to help our clients to achieve the highest quality visual experience.

We have a deep commitment to the quality of our solutions to enhance our client’s engagement with their audience.

Beautiful confetti shower for a newlywed couple sharing a kiss.

Simple or Complex

Huge  celebrations with shiny metallic streamers soaring high over the crowd.

We can help you with your whole confetti and streamer visual effect. From, brainstorming ideas, planning out the effect or the complete execution. We can help you create a specific idea or explore something else so you can have a completely customized experience. We can do all this by working closely with you.

The Love of Design

Our founder Dean Lay, loved life and celebrating life’s great moments. He loved to see the reaction from the audience when confetti blasted into the air.

At the time in 1997, confetti cannons were large, heavy machines. He wanted to design a better confetti cannon that was smaller and easier to move yet, still powerful. He still wanted to create the best visual experience.

With his compact and powerful confetti cannon line, he opened the door for everyone to enjoy unforgettable confetti effects.

Let's Create Something Unforgettable