Wedding Confetti Ideas

Wedding Confetti Falling

Wedding Confetti Cannon Kits

Walk Down the Aisle

Fill the air with confetti as the newlywed couple walks down the aisle after the ceremony. The optimal confetti effect is easy to create with 2 Handheld Confetti Cannons.

Have 1 person stand on either side of the aisle with 1 cannon. When the newlywed couple begins their walk down the aisle, the 2 people can fire them towards the center of the aisle.

The air will instantly be filled with confetti. It will slowly float and fall down over the newlywed couple as they make their way down the aisle. This will create an incredible memorable moment and a great photo opportunity.

Walk Down the Aisle

The Grand Entrance

Create a memorable moment when the newlywed couple enters the reception hall. Using 2 Handheld Confetti Cannons it is easy to create a very special moment. Position 1 cannon on either side of the entrance to the reception.

As the newlywed couple enters the doorway fire both confetti cannons at the same time. This will create an outstanding and beautiful moment for everyone to remember. The confetti will fill the air with color and slowly float down around the newlywed couple.

The Grand Entrance

First Dance

Another time honored tradition is the first dance at the reception. Make the first dance a memorable moment by showering the newlywed couple with confetti on their first dance. This makes for a spectacular photo moment for the couple.

One Handheld Confetti Cannon will give you good coverage on a dance floor of 20' x 20' feet. For larger dance floor areas you can use multiple cannons.

The First Dance

Last Dance

Make the last dance end with a bang. It is easy to create a huge confetti effect for the last dance. You can use our Handheld Confetti Cannons or you can use Electric Confetti Cannons. Each of these confetti cannons creates incredible confetti effects.

If you want to create a really huge confetti effect you can use our Continuous Flow Confetti Cannons. It blasts 1lb of confetti per second up to 80 feet into the air. Fill the room with confetti in just seconds with this huge confetti cannon.

Bouquet Toss

Every Bride enjoys the time honored tradition of tossing the bouquet. It is very easy to turn this moment into a spectacular moment by using 2 of our Handheld Confetti Cannons. Have 2 people stand on either side of the bride while she is getting ready to toss the bouquet. They will aim the cannons up into the air in the direction that the bride will toss the bouquet.

Then, at the exact moment the bride tosses the bouquet, both people will fire the cannons. Confetti will fill the air instantly at the same time that the bouquet is flying through the air.

Honeymoon Departure

Use confetti instead of rice when the newlywed couple is departing for their honeymoon. Shower the happy couple with our biodegradable tissue confetti. Our tissue confetti is easy to sweep up.

Disposable Confetti Cannons are a great way to end the night. Let all the guests grab a confetti cannon. When the couple is leaving everyone can aim and shoot their confetti up and over the couple. This makes for a great experience the new couple and great photo memories.