Electric Confetti Cannon

Ships Free and Includes 2 Free Shots

How to Use an Electric Confetti Cannon

Add confetti fun to your event

Confetti blasting into the air

Think about it. Your event looks great but, you want to add something extra to make it better. Confetti bursting into the air is an awesome effect.

Our electric confetti launchers are the perfect solution. They launch confetti instantly, right on cue. It shoots over 35 feet high and spreads out wide. You'll get great confetti coverage.

  • Fires on cue
  • Confetti blasts over 35 feet
  • Streamers soar over 65 feet

5 Easy steps to create your own confetti effect

  1. Load the barrel
  2. Attach the barrel
  3. Load co2 cylinder
  4. Position cannon
  5. Turn on power to fire

Incredible Confetti Effects are Easy

A well-designed confetti or streamer shot adds fun and excitement to all special events. You will get amazing confetti and streamer coverage with our electric confetti cannon. It is versatile for many types of events. The adjustable barrel gives you full control over where you aim the confetti or streamers.

  • Clean design
  • Adjustable barrel
  • Re-loadable

Our electric cannons fire confetti right on cue

This cannon uses 110-volt electricity to power the solenoid inside the cannon. The solenoid opens instantly when the power is turned on. The confetti shoots right on cue. They work with any controllable electrical power source or power-strip. A power-strip with an on/off button works well.

4 electric confetti cannons

Your rental includes

  • 2 Confetti or Streamer sleeves
  • 2 co2 cartridges
  • 2 compression caps
  • Compression tape
  • Instructions
  • Free shippning

We’ve made confetti effects easy. You’ll get everything you need. Each rental includes 2 complete shots of confetti or streamers. Free ground shipping is included. Be sure to order your cannons early to have time for free ground shipping. We even pay for return shipping after your event.

About confetti

Our premium flameproof confetti is available in tissue and metallic paper. The large confetti rectangle pieces are .5-inch wide and 2-inches long. This size allows for the confetti to float and spin in the air while it is falling. The confetti is cut into wrapped stacks. Each stack has about 400 pieces.

Confetti Coverage

Confetti will blast over 35 feet and spread out wide while it spins in the air. One shot will cover approximately 700-800 sf. One sleeve of confetti is used for each shot. Each sleeve has about 4000 pieces of confetti.

Easy Load Sleeves

Our easy to load sleeves have 10 stacks. Using a full sleeve will create a large display of approximately 4000 pieces of confetti. The confetti flies over 35 feet and spreads out wide. You will cover about 300-500 sf using 1 confetti cannon.

About Streamers

Our premium flameproof streamers come in tissue or metallic paper. Each one is .5-inch wide and 25-feet long. They unfurl when they blast from the barrel. Easy to load sleeves have 30-35 streamers. Streamers soar over 65 feet filling the air with beautiful colors.

Streamer Coverage

Decide where you are going to shoot the streamers. Make sure it is an open area with no obstructions. They will soar over 65 feet high. Each cannon will fire approximately 30-35 streamers. The streamers will burst out and then spread wide as they fly through the air.

Shoot confetti or streamers with this cannon

You can shoot colorful confetti or beautiful streamers or both at the same time! Each combination creates a spectacular and unique effect. The confetti will instantly explode high in the air over 35 feet. Send streamers shooting over the crowd over 65 feet.


Our professional electric cannons are built here in the USA from quality parts. They are very reliable and will work for years. We back them with our Money Back Guarantee.

Using an Electric Confetti Cannon

Loading the barrel

Cut one end of the confetti sleeve open. Slide the sleeve into the barrel. Pull the plastic sleeve out of the barrel. While you pull the plastic sleeve out, push the confetti into the barrel.

Place a compression cap over the end of the barrel. Use compression tape to secure the compression cap to the barrel. This not only holds the confetti in the barrel, but it creates a pressure chamber for when you fire the confetti cannon. Attach the loaded barrel to the cannon.

Attach the co2 cartridge

Screw the co2 cartridge entirely into the piercing unit.

Aim & Fire

Place the cannon into position. Adjust the barrel to point in an angle. Plug it into your (off) power source. At the right moment turn on the power and the cannon fires instantly.

How many cannons create the best effect?

2 or more cannons will produce the best visual effect. If you shoot more than one cannon at the same time, we recommend spacing them 6-12 feet apart for maximum coverage.

On stage confetti effects

You can create an amazing effect by using 2 confetti cannons (or more). Place 1 confetti cannon on either side of the stage or floor area. Aim the barrels towards the front and center of the area. You will get a brilliant criss-cross effect with confetti or streamers.

Shoot over the audience

You can create a wonderful effect by using 2 confetti cannons (or more). Place the confetti cannons at the front of the stage area. Aim the barrels out towards the audience. You will get a wall of confetti or streamers blasting over the audience.