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Continuous Confetti Cannon

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confetti in the air

Huge Confetti Effects

The continuous flow confetti cannon is a large volume confetti blaster. You will shoot about a pound of confetti per second high into the air 80 feet. The unit is built into a road case that doubles as a hopper for the confetti. The unit comes with the road case, horn and co2 hose. Made in the USA.

How It Works

You remove the lid to the road case. Take out the horn and hose. Secure the horn to the bolts on the shelf inside the road case. The horn will be at a slight angle for the best confetti shot. Attach the ball valve on the hose to the fitting on the horn and tighten. Then attach the other end of the hose to a liquid co2 siphon tank.

This unit requires either a 20 or 50 pound liquid co2 siphon tank to operate. The 20lb tank will last about 45 seconds. The 50lb tank will give you about 90 seconds of blast time.

You can rent these tanks locally for your event. Go to and search for a local store.

Create a Grand Finale

confetti finale

Giant Confetti Effect Video

Where to Use

This confetti cannon is used at large events where you want to have a huge amount of confetti.

Corporate Events

Grand Openings

Sports Events



How to Rent

Renting our large volume cannon is easy. Free ground shipping to your location is included. Return shipping is included too.

Choose a unit with tissue paper or metallic paper confetti. 5lbs of confetti is included with your rental. You can add an additional 5lbs of confetti to your order with the dropdown. Select multi-color or customize your colors by selecting up to 3 different colors for a custom mix.

A 20 or 50 lb liquid co2 siphon tank powers this cannon. You can rent these tanks locally for your event. Go to and enter your address to find the nearest location.

Tips & Tricks

Make your confetti effect last longer with your confetti blower. Open the ball valve and shoot confetti high into the air. Then close the ball valve. The confetti that just shot out will spread out and start to slowly float and fall through the air. Now open the ball valve again and blast another confetti shot into the air. Then close the valve again and wait a few seconds.

By opening and closing the valve that controls the flow of confetti you can extend the confetti shot. You will get a much longer effect by pulsing the confetti with the valve than if you just open the valve all the way.

When you pour the confetti into the hopper you should fluff the confetti with your hands. This makes sure the confetti is very loose in the hopper and not just sitting on the bottom all clumped together. When the confetti is loose and fluffed it flows through the unit much faster and easier.