Disposable Confetti Cannons
  • Choose small, medium or large
  • Preloaded and ready to shoot
  • Just aim and twist the bottom to shoot
  • Choose confetti or streamers
  • Custom filled - choose your colors
  • Flameproof confetti and streamers
  • Easy and fun to use
Small Disposable Confetti CannonSmall Disposable Confetti Cannon 12"
From $4.99
Medium Disposable Confetti CannonMedium Disposable Confetti Cannon 16"
From $5.99
Large Disposable Confetti CannonLarge Disposable Confetti Cannon 24"
From $8.99

Confetti in the Air! Streamers Shooting High
Confetti blasts over 35 feet high. Streamers soar over 65 feet high.

Disposable Confetti Cannon

Our disposable confetti cannon will be perfect for your next event or festival. They come pre-loaded with confetti or streamers. We pre-fill the confetti cannon with the color of confetti or streamers that you select when ordering. The confetti cannons will arrive filled and ready to go. Aim the confetti cannon upwards at 45 degrees and twist the bottom. The confetti or streamers shoot out of the barrel spreading high and wide.

You want to add a fun and exciting special effect using confetti or streamers. Confetti rectangles burst out of the single shot disposable confetti cannon. The confetti instantly fills the air with beautiful colors. The confetti will slowly float and fall as it hangs in the air. Streamers shoot out of the disposable confetti cannon. The streamers soar through the air and unfurl as they fly. This gives a beautiful colorful effect as the streamers fly through the air. The tissue or metallic streamers are very easy to clean up. You can choose the disposable confetti cannon that is best suited to the type of party or celebration that you are planning. Each disposable is in 3 different sizes.

Disposable Confetti Cannons require no extra loading they are pre-loaded and ready to go out of the box. Aim at a 45 degree angle. Hold the barrel with your left hand and with your right hand twist the bottom and the confetti cannon will shoot.

Theater and Staged shows

At a theater show you can shoot the confetti cannons from the sides of the stage over the performers. You could have a couple of people on each side of the stage holding confetti cannons.On cue they will twist the bottom of the confetti cannon and cascade the confetti or streamers over the performers.

Graduations and Awards Ceremony

You could have several people standing on each side of the audience with disposable confetti cannons. Then at the height of the moment shoot the confetti cannons to cover the crowd with streamers or confetti. It’s a great moment to snap a lot of pictures.

Wedding Kits

Get your guests involved in the fun with wedding confetti cannon kits. Give each wedding guest a disposable confetti cannon. Then at the right time all of the guests can shower the new couple with a huge display of colorful confetti. Filled with biodegradable confetti makes this confetti cannon perfect to use instead of rice as the couple leaves for their honeymoon!

Gender Reveals

You will create a huge surprise when you fire a disposable confetti cannon filled with confetti to announce the gender of your new baby! Gender reveal confetti cannons come prefilled with either light blue or pink confetti. The disposable confetti cannon will have no labels or indicators of which color confetti is inside the confetti cannon. Guaranteed to surprise everyone!


You will make a hit at your next event or celebration with our disposable confetti cannons. This is a fun and economical way to get everyone involved in the fun. You pick either confetti or streamers and you even pick the colors. We preload the confetti cannon and ship them to you ready to go. Just pass them out and twist the bottom to give the party a boost!


Confetti Cannons are great to use at a wide variety of parades. It is easy and fun to shoot confetti from a float into the crowds. Ramp up the crowds and get them to join in the excitement with confetti and streamers. New Year’s day parades would be nothing without of course confetti. You can load the confetti cannons gold, silver and black confetti or streamers. Confetti and streamers are a great way to start the new year celebration. Mardi Gras is another great parade to have confetti cannons. You can load them with purple, yellow and green confetti and streamers. Shoot them off as you are tossing beads and coins at the crowd.

Christmas parades celebrate the arrival of santa. Welcome him with confetti cannons loaded with red, green and white confetti,The little ones love it when the confetti is in the air. They love to catch confetti in the air or pick it up off the ground and toss it back up, the smiles are priceless. July 4th parades celebrating the birth of our nation is the perfect place to show your patriotism, Load the confetti cannons with red, white and blue confetti.

As a float goes down the parade grab a disposable confetti cannon and shoot the confetti from your float out into the air. Many people contact us for disposable confetti cannons when they want to add something different than other floats. We have even heard from people that have said they think they won the best float because of the confetti cannons.

Brand or Product Launch

Getting ready to launch a new brand or product?

Add a confetti cannon or several to your event. We will load your confetti cannons with the colors you choose even the colors of your logo. Many companies shoot confetti cannons in meetings in different cities to generate excitement about the new brand or product. Everyone will want to take pictures of the confetti going off at the launch celebration. They will remember your event for years.


Churches use disposable confetti cannons at many of their services throughout the year. Easter, Christmas, Bible Studies, New Years Eve, and a lot of other celebrations and special engagements during the year.