Frequently Asked Questions About Confetti Cannons

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General FAQs

Q. Where is your store located?

A. We are located in Orlando Florida. 6160 Edgewater DR Suite F Orlando FL 32810

Q. Can I use confetti or streamers at my venue?

A. Please check with your venue before ordering confetti or streamer cannons. Many places allow it and some don't. Some sites will charge you a cleanup fee. It is best to check all of this out before you place your order.

Q. Where is my order number?

A. Your order number looks like this - SPFX-100000. It begins with SPFX- and is followed by 6 numbers. You will find your order number on your emailed receipt and your shipping confirmation email.

Q. Can I shoot silk rose petals from a confetti cannon?

A. Yes, our large volume continuous cannon will shoot silk flower petals.

Q. Can I shoot other items out of your confetti cannons?

A. No, you should not shoot any other items out of our cannons. Shooting any other things out of our cannons is unsafe.

Q. What is the difference between the electric and continuous flow confetti cannon?

A. One electric cannon shoots about 4000 pieces of confetti about 35 feet. It fires the instantly in one quick blast. The continuous flow cannon will blast about 20,000 pieces of confetti over 80 feet. It will explode into the air with a constant burst for 20-60 seconds.

Q. How long does the confetti stay in the air after it shoots out from the confetti cannon?

A. Confetti floats and falls through the air for 15-30 seconds after shooting out of the handheld and electric cannon. This sounds like a short time, but during the shot, it seems like the effect is much longer. If you want a more prolonged effect, you can use the continuous flow confetti cannon. You can shoot this cannon for up to 90 seconds.

Q. Do the confetti cannons shoot streamers?

A. The confetti cannons shoot streamers or confetti. You can also shoot both at the same time. Disposable, handheld and electric confetti cannons shoot streamers and confetti.

Q. When to use confetti?

A. Use confetti anytime you want to add fun and excitement to any event. New Year’s Eve always has confetti. But, it is easy to add excitement to your next event.

Celebrations: Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Gender Reveal

Events: Sporting Events, Parades, Marathons, Staged Shows, Night Clubs

Corporate events: Product Launch, Grand Opening, Meetings, Awards

Q. How big is the confetti?

A. Our rectangle confetti is cut into ½ inch by 2-inch pieces. Cutting rectangles to this size allows it to float and spin in the air for the longest amount of time.

Q. What is biodegradable confetti?

A. It is made from biodegradable tissue paper. It will begin to break down when exposed to the elements. It does not dissolve instantly. It can take 2-4 weeks to break down.

Q. Are confetti cannons safe?

A. It is safe and easy to use. It should only be used by adults who have read the instructions.

Q. Do confetti cannons make noise?

A. There is a slight pop when it is fired. Usually, with all the background noise and music, it is not very loud.

Q. Do I need a permit for a confetti cannon?

A. You do not need a permit. However, you should check with your venue before ordering confetti cannons. Some places have restrictions on using them.

Q. How reliable are your confetti cannons?

A. Our confetti cannons are very reliable. We build all of our cannons except the disposable confetti cannons.

Q. Do you give discounts to schools?

A. Schools receive a 10% discount on orders.

Q. Do you give discounts to nonprofit?

A. Non profit organizations receive a 10% discount on orders.