Frequently Asked Questions

Confetti and Streamers biodegradable?

Tissue confetti and tissue streamers are biodegradable.

Confetti and Streamers flameproof?

All confetti and streamer products are flameproof.

Do the confetti cannons make noise?

Yes, the confetti cannon will make a pop when it is fired. It is not extremely loud.

How many confetti cannons do I need?

We suggest placing a confetti cannon every 10-12 feet to get maximum coverage. Depending on the size of the area you want covered with confetti or streamers.

How far does confetti shoot?

Electric and Handheld confetti cannons shoot confetti over 35 feet high. Continuous flow confetti cannons shoot confetti over 80 feet high. Disposables shoot confetti 20-30 feet.

How far do streamers shoot?

Electric and Handheld streamer cannons shoot streamers over 65 feet high. Disposable cannons shoot streamers 45-55 feet.