Metallic Streamer Colors

multi-color metallic streamers


red metallic streamers


gold metallic streamers


blue metallic streamers


orange metallic streamers


purple metallic streamers


green metallic streamers


pink metallic streamers


silver metallic streamers


black metallic streamers


Metallic Streamer Colors

  • Multi-Color
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Silver
  • Black

Custom Color Mixes

If you don’t want solid color streamers you can always request a custom color mix. Custom colors are always free of charge.

Metallic Streamer Size

Our streamers are ½” wide and 25’ long. They are long strips of metallic paper that are wound up very tightly. When they are fired from our cannons they soar through the air over 65 feet high. The unfurl while they are flying creating a vibrant visual effect.


Metallic paper streamers are flameproof. They will not catch fire or burn.

Clean Up

Streamer clean up is a breeze. Usually, people tend to pick the streamers up and take them with them when they leave. Any streamers that are left can be picked up easily with a stick broom. Turn the broom upside down and use the wooden hand to make a circular motion over the streamers. Once the streamers catch on the broom handle they will end up in a ball. Just drop the ball in the trash can and you are done.