Handheld Confetti Cannon

Ships Free and Includes 2 Shots

Professional Confetti Effects

Our professional handheld co2 confetti cannons will launch confetti or streamers flying high! They're entirely portable allowing you to use them nearly anywhere.

You will get years of use from them since we build them here in the USA.

Quickly load and reload for multiple shots in less than a minute. Aim the barrel upwards into the air at about 45-degrees. Pull the ring trigger firmly to fire the confetti into the air. View the detailed instructions with photos.

Shoot Confetti or Streamers

You can shoot confetti or streamers with the same cannon. You can even shoot both at the same time.

Load the streamers into the barrel first. Leave enough room to add stacks of confetti into the barrel. Check out our FAQ's

Celebrate with Confetti

Planning a celebration or event can be a daunting task. Planning an incredible confetti moment for everyone to remember should be easy. Astonishing confetti effects don’t have to be difficult. With our handheld confetti cannon, it’s as simple as Load, Aim, Fire!

We’ll walk you through every step of the process to create your own beautiful confetti effects. When we’re done, you’ll know exactly how to add this impressive effect to your celebration or event. Our reusable confetti cannons are easy to load and reload for multiple shots.

About the Confetti

Multi-color confetti flying high in the air.
  • Confetti is a rectangle in shape
  • 2-in length
  • 1/2-in width

Our premium flameproof confetti is available in tissue and metallic paper. The rectangle pieces are .5-inch wide and 2-inches long.

This size allows for the confetti to float and spin in the air while it is falling. The confetti is cut into wrapped stacks. Each stack has about 400 pieces.

Our easy to load sleeves have 10 stacks. Using a full sleeve will create a large display of approximately 4000 pieces of confetti.

The confetti flies over 35 feet and spreads out wide. You will cover about 300-500sf using 1 confetti cannon.

About Streamers

Streamers soaring high over the champions.

Our premium flameproof streamers come in tissue or metallic paper. Each one is .5-inch wide and 25-feet long. They unfurl when they blast from the barrel. Easy to load sleeves have 30-35 streamers. Streamers soar over 65 feet filling the air with beautiful colors.

Using a Handheld Confetti Cannon

Loading the Barrel

Cut the end of the sleeve open.

Cut the sleeve open

Slide the confetti or streamers into the barrel.

Slide into barrel

Place a compression cap onto the end of the barrel.

Put cap on barrel

Secure the cap with compression tape to the barrel.

Tape cap on barrel

Cut one end of the confetti sleeve open. Then slide the sleeve into the barrel. Next, pull the plastic sleeve out of the barrel. While you pull the plastic sleeve out, push the confetti into the barrel.

Place a compression cap over the end of the barrel. Then use compression tape to secure the compression cap to the barrel. This not only holds the confetti in the barrel, but it creates a pressure chamber for when you fire the confetti cannon.

Attaching the co2 Cartridge

Screw the co2 cartridge into the trigger.

Screw a co2 cartridge into the trigger.

Aim & Fire Confetti Cannon

Aim the barrel upwards at a 45-degree angle. Pull the trigger quickly and firmly to fire. When you pull the ring on the trigger, a piercing pin will pierce the co2 cylinder and fire the confetti cannon instantly.

Aim the cannon upwards and pull the trigger to fire.

Add Some Excitement

Worry-free confetti and streamer effects are just a click away. Now that you know the steps to load your handheld cannon you’re ready to turn up the excitement. Each cannon purchase includes two free shots and free shipping.

Your Purchase Includes

  • 1 reusable confetti cannon
  • 2 sleeves confetti/streamers
  • 2 co2 cylinders
  • 2 compression caps
  • Compression tape
  • Instructions

Confetti Coverage

Confetti will blast over 35 feet and spread out wide while it spins in the air. One shot will cover approximately 700-800sf. One sleeve of confetti is used for each shot. Each sleeve has about 4000 pieces of confetti.

If you shoot more than one cannon at the same time, we recommend spacing them 6-12 feet apart for maximum coverage.

Streamer Coverage

Decide where you are going to shoot the streamers. Make sure it is an open area with no obstructions. They will soar over 65 feet high. Each cannon will fire approximately 30-35 streamers. The streamers will burst out and then spread wide as they fly through the air.

If you are using multiple cannons, we suggest firing them 6-12 feet apart to create the best effect.

Powered By

Compressed co2 cylinders provide the power for this cannon. The cylinder screws into the trigger. When the ring is pulled, it pierces the cylinder, and the gas shoots the confetti into the air.

Need Multiple Shots

Save money with our complete kits and refill kits. Each kit contains everything you need for 10 shots of confetti. You can purchase a complete kit here with free shipping.

Confetti Ideas


Our re-loadable handheld confetti cannon is perfect for confetti shots at multiple performances. It’s easy and economical to refill. Create that extra edge for your performance with confetti exploding into the air.


Graduations are a beautiful moment in people’s lives. Brightly colored streamers will add more excitement at the perfect moment. They also make a beautiful photo moment. Place 5 or 10 people on either side of the graduates. At the very end of the ceremony, launch all of the cannons at the same time over the graduates. The streamers will shoot up and out, falling down onto the students making it a moment to remember.

Product Launch

Are you launching a new brand or product? Confetti is a great way to showcase your new brand or product. It adds a dramatic and exciting effect to your promotional photos and videos. Our re-loadable cannon makes it easy to do re-takes. So, it is no problem getting the perfect “shot”!

Field Days

Field Day is finally here. Everyone is outside the school enjoying the fresh air. The students are competing in the beach ball race, bean bag toss, three-legged-race, and other fun events. Add some more excitement to their day. Shoot biodegradable tissue confetti into the air to celebrate all the different activities. All the children will love to play in the colorful confetti.