Confetti Effect

The Perfect Confetti Effect is Easy

Do you want to create the perfect confetti effect? It’s easy with our handheld confetti cannon. I am going to show you step by step how to do it.

Loading Confetti Cannon

Cut the sleeve open
Cut the sleeve open
Slide confetti into barrel
Slide confetti into barrel
Put compression cap on barrel
Put compression cap on barrel
Use compression tape
Secure cap with compression tape
Seal compression tape
Rub tape to get a good seal
Screw in co2
Screw co2 cylinder into trigger

Placing Confetti Cannon

Find a place to stand close to where you want the confetti to shoot. The confetti will shoot out about 35 feet high. It will spread out and slowly fall through the air. As it falls it will cover an area about 35 feet long and 20 feet wide. Take note of the airflow inside your venue or the wind if you are outside. The airflow will carry the confetti in the direction of the airflow. You want to shoot the confetti with the airflow and not against the airflow.

Firing Confetti Cannon

When you are ready to fire the confetti cannon aim it upwards at about 45 degree angle. Take hold of the ring trigger. At the exact moment you want to shoot the confetti, pull the ring trigger quickly and firmly. The confetti instantly shoots high into the air spreading out. The confetti will slowly float through the air covering a large area.

That’s It!

confetti in the air

Load - Aim - Fire