Confetti Planning

Confetti Effect

You can easily add confetti to any event. You could shoot it with a handheld confetti cannon or an electric confetti cannon. A continuous flow confetti cannon will blast a huge confetti cloud over the audience. Disposable confetti cannons are single use confetti cannons that are also an option.

We’ve been building confetti cannons and creating confetti effects for over 20 years. Over this time we have learned some helpful insights into planning your confetti effect.

Choose your confetti

You can choose from two types of confetti. Tissue paper confetti is available in 11 vibrant colors. Metallic shiny paper confetti is available in 9 colors. The confetti pieces are cut into rectangles. The dimensions are .5 inch by 2 inches long. Tissue paper is flameproof and biodegradable. Metallic paper is flameproof only.

How much confetti?

How much confetti do you want to use? You could shoot just a small amount of confetti into the air for a more special moment. You can shoot tons of confetti into the air to completely cover the audience. It is completely up to you and your team.

For example:

A wedding shot could just be a small confetti shot with the confetti spreading out very thinly in the air. This confetti slowly floating and falling down on the new couple creates a magical moment to remember.

wedding confetti filling the air

At a staged event you could have several pounds of confetti blasted into the air. This amount of confetti can create a huge confetti cloud covering everything and everyone.

confetti on the dance floor

Placing your confetti cannon

First you need to choose where you want to have your confetti effect. Air flow will be a consideration for your effect. Once the confetti is in the air it will float with the air flow. You don’t want your confetti floating away from your target audience. Be sure to aim your confetti cannons away from any objects that would impede the confetti flow.

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