Continuous Confetti Cannon
Continuous Flow Large Volume Confetti Cannon

Rent Continuous Confetti Cannon


You can reserve a continuous confetti blower at our online store. Decide if you want to shoot tissue confetti or metallic confetti. Each rental includes 5 pounds of confetti for free. If you’re going to add more confetti, you can add it here.

Be sure to enter the date of your event during checkout. We use the date of your event to schedule when your rental will leave our warehouse in Orlando. When you complete your online order, your confetti cannon is immediately reserved for that date for your event.

Free Shipping

You get free ground shipping with your rental anywhere within the continental USA. Your confetti cannon rental is guaranteed to arrive a day or two before your event. You will have plenty of time for setup and placement.

Return Shipping

After your event place everything back into the road case with the packing material. Send us an email requesting your return label. We will email you a convenient UPS prepaid return shipping label. Print out the label and tape it to the box. You can take the box to any authorized UPS shipping location.

CO2 tank rental

This confetti blower requires a liquid CO2 siphon tank (50 lb) to operate. We can’t ship these large CO2 tanks, but you can rent them locally. Go to and type in your zipcode to find a location nearest to you.

Confetti coverage

The continuous flow confetti cannon blasts confetti over 80 feet high. It fires one pound of confetti per second into the air. Your rental includes five pounds of confetti (approximately 17,000 pieces). You will cover about 1500-2000 sf area with confetti. Each continuous confetti cannon requires one person to operate the unit.

Confetti cannon setup

Remove the lid from the road case. Take everything out from inside the case. Save the packing material for return shipping. Attach the horn to the platform inside the top of the road case. Attach the ball valve to the horn. Attach the other end of the hose to the CO2 tank. This confetti blower uses its road case as a hopper for the confetti. Pour the confetti into the hopper. Fluff the confetti with your hand to get it loose and fluffy. Fluffing the confetti allows it to flow easier once the unit is turned on.

Your confetti blower is loaded and ready to go. Open the valve and the gas will immediately start to blast the confetti high into the air. You can leave the valve open or pulse the valve open and close to extend your confetti effect.

Where to use

This confetti blower creates an immense explosion of confetti. This is perfect for large venues or events.