Electric Confetti Cannon

How to Use Electric Confetti Cannons

If you’re looking to add a moment of excitement and fun to your event, we’ve made it easy with our electric confetti cannons. The confetti will blast out over 35 feet and fill the air with color. Here are the steps to creating your own incredible confetti effect.

How it works

A CO2 cylinder provides the push to shoot the confetti out of the barrel. You can use either 12g or 16 gram CO2 cylinders. The CO2 is held inside the confetti cannon with a valve. This valve is normally closed. When you turn on 110v power to this confetti cannon the valve opens and instantly shoots the confetti out of the barrel.

You plug the cord into a power strip or any controllable electrical outlet (110v). Always keep the power off until you are ready to shoot the confetti. When you flip the switch the confetti cannon instantly fires the confetti. There is no lag time it is immediate.

Electric Confetti Cannon

Loading the barrel

Loading the barrel is easy. Cut the plastic sleeve open and slide the open end into the barrel. Push the confetti into the barrel while pulling the plastic sleeve out of the barrel. Place a compression cap onto the end of the barrel. Use compression tape to secure the compression cap to the barrel. Using the compression cap and tape creates a pressure chamber to shoot the confetti the farthest distance.

Loading the barrelPutting compression cap onto barrelPutting compression tape onto cap

Loading the CO2 cylinder

Now it is time to load the CO2 cylinder into the brass piercing unit. Make sure the valve is in the closed position before you screw in the cylinder. Screw the CO2 cylinder completely into the piercing unit. There is a piercing pin inside that pierces the cylinder while it is screwed into the unit.

Piercing unit and CO2 cylinder

Connect the CO2 cylinder

Connect the piercing unit to the confetti cannon using the quick disconnect fitting. Push the outside of the brass fitting on the confetti cannon down. At the same time push the nipple fitting on the piercing unit into the brass fitting on the confetti cannon. Now release the brass fitting on the cannon and it should lock the piercing unit in place. Tug on the piercing unit to confirm that it is locked securely in place. Turn the knob on the piercing unit to the open position and the CO2 will flow into the confetti cannon. The confetti cannon is now charged with CO2.

Attach the piercing unit to the confetti cannon

Attach the loaded barrel

Attach the loaded barrel to the quick disconnect fitting. Push the outside ring on the fitting down while pushing the nipple fitting on the barrel into the other fitting. When you release the outside ring the barrel will be locked into position. Tug on the barrel to make sure it is secure in the fitting. Attach the safety cable from the confetti cannon to the barrel.

Attach the loaded barrel to the confetti cannon

Placing the confetti cannon

Placement of the confetti cannon depends on where you want the confetti to shoot and fall. The confetti will shoot out over 35 feet high and then spread out wide. You will need to place the cannon close enough to the area that you want covered with confetti.

Covering a stage area

You can place the cannons on either side of the stage aimed to the center. This way confetti will shoot up from both sides of the stage. The confetti will meet in the middle of the stage and fall covering the stage area.

You can also place them all at the rear of the stage aimed to the front. The confetti will blast up and over the stage area all at once. The confetti will spread out wide floating down over the stage.

Covering the audience

To cover the audience you can place them on the floor in front of the stage. Aim them upwards and over the audience. The confetti will shoot up and out over the audience. It will spread out wide floating down all around the audience.

Firing the confetti

The electric confetti cannons are controlled with 110v electricity. There is no on/off switch on the unit. They must be plugged into an outlet that is controllable with an on/off switch. Most people plug the cannons into a power strip with an on/off switch. When you are ready for the confetti to shoot just flip the power switch on. The confetti shoots out instantly. Be sure to turn the power off after 5-10 seconds after your confetti is in the air.

You can also plug the confetti cannon into a 110v outlet controlled by DMX.

Confetti coverage

The confetti from 1 electric confetti cannon will blast out going over 35 feet into the air. The confetti will spread out to the side in either direction as it floats and falls. You will have confetti coverage roughly about 30 feet by 20 feet wide from where the cannon is positioned. It will cover approximately a 400-500 sf area. If you need more coverage just add more cannons.

Confetti in the air is fun and exciting


This confetti cannon has a base footprint of 9 inches by 6 inches. There is an adjustable bracket on the top. This bracket is 6.5 inches in length. The bracket has a quick disconnect fitting to attach the barrel. The barrel will add another 24 inches to the height when it is attached.