Gender Reveal Keeping It Secret

Keeping a Secret!

Gender reveal confetti cannon with blue confetti

Totally Secret Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

So you’re debating of using confetti cannons for your gender reveal party. You might be thinking, how can I order them without anyone knowing if it’s a boy or a girl, including us, impossible right?

Nothing’s Impossible

As they say, nothing’s impossible. There are several ways you can order without knowing what color confetti is inside the confetti cannons.

Order a Combination Kit

I saw a confetti cannon kit online that you can choose that has two of each color. The outside of all the cannons is the same. It is black with many colors on the outside. No one can tell from the outside what color is going to shoot out.

Sealed Gender Envelope

If you have the technician put the gender notice inside of a sealed envelope you can keep it a secret. You can order your confetti cannons online and put a note during checkout that you are mailing the secret envelope to us. When we receive the secret envelope we will fill your confetti cannons with the correct color of confetti.

Email the Gender

You could ask one of the nurses from your doctor’s office to email the gender to us at the confetti cannon store. If they don’t mind doing it for you. You could also ask a family member or close friend to email the gender for you.

Ask Someone Else to Order

You could also ask a family member or close friend to take the gender envelope and place the order for you at the confetti cannon store. This way you will not have any way to know before the big gender reveals day party.