Honoring Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Each year on November 11 we honor our military veterans. This 11th is actually the day World War I ended and the armistice was signed in 1919 between the Allied Nations and Germany. The very first Veterans Day was celebrated in 1947.

A Day to Honor All Service Members

All across the USA people will gather on November 11th. They will honor and say thank you to all veterans. There will be many different types of celebrations.

  • Ceremonies
  • 21-gun salutes
  • Parades
  • Dinners
  • Fireworks
  • Memorials

In major cities the downtown area will be decked out with banners for Veterans Day. Some places even hand out small flags for you to wave during the parades.

The largest parade is called America’s Parade is in New York City. There are over 25,000 participants. This parade began in 1919 and has continued since.

Red White and Blue Tissue Streamers for shooting during parades and ceremonies.

Red, White, and Blue Streamers

Add some red, white, and blue streamers to create an exciting moment at your ceremony. You can also shoot them off during a parade or while riding on a float. You will get the audience to smile and participate in the moment.

Red Silver and  Blue Metallic Streamers will sparkle with reflections of light as they soar through the air at parades and celebrations

Red, Silver, and Blue Streamers

Metallic red, silver, and blue streamers will add a sparkling effect to your celebration. They are very shiny and reflect light. So you will see the colors and the sparkling effect as they fly through the air.

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