New Years Eve Confetti

Ringing in the New Year

Are you planning a celebration for New Year’s Eve?

Well, it’s approaching fast. Just a few more weeks and we will ring in the new year. Everyone sees confetti flying all around in Times Square. The confetti creates an excitement that you feel even if you are just watching it on tv. December 31st every year is the night that everyone celebrates all around the world. Confetti and fireworks have been part of this party since I can remember.

Confetti Adds Excitement

If you’re looking to add a blast to your New Year’s Eve party it’s not hard at all.

Disposable cannons are economical and there is nothing to return. They come packed with confetti. Just pass them out right from the box. Point the barrel upward into the air. Hold the barrel tight. Then, twist the bottom handle to the left. The confetti instantly shoots into the air with a pop.

3 Sizes

Single-Use Confetti Cannons 3 Sizes

The small holds about 1200 pieces of confetti. It will shoot about 15-20 feet high. The medium has about 2000 pieces of confetti. It shoots about 20-25 feet into the air. The large is filled with around 3200 individual pieces of confetti. It will blast the confetti up to 30 feet.

  • Small 1200 pcs confetti
  • Medium 2000 pcs confetti
  • Large 3200 pcs confetti

The individual confetti pieces are 2-inch by ½-inch rectangles. This size creates a great visual effect while it is in the air floating and falling. The larger size makes it easier to clean up. The tissue paper is biodegradable and flameproof.

Celebrate with Confetti

Get a few or a bunch of cannons for your next celebration. This is a fun way to get everyone in on the fun. It’s a great feeling when you are surrounded by confetti in the air. You will also have a chance to get some incredible photos while you’re ringing in the new year.

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