Continuous Confetti Cannon FAQs

  • How to fire?

    You fire the confetti by opening and closing the ball valve. As soon as you open the valve the confetti is blasted into the air. The valve is attached to the horn. The other end of the hose is connected to a liquid co2 siphon tank.

  • Is the co2 tank included?

    The co2 tank is not included. You can buy or rent tanks from your local gas company. We use

  • How long is the confetti effect?

    A 25 lb liquid co2 siphon tank will last about 30 seconds.

    A 50 lb liquid co2 siphon tank will last about 90 seconds.

    The confetti will float and fall through the air several minutes. You can increase the time if you pulse the ball valve open and close.

  • How to get the biggest shot?

    Always fluff the confetti in the hopper before your confetti shoot. Using your hand to fluff and stir the confetti will help to shoot more confetti out faster.