T-Shirt Cannon FAQs

Q. How to control how far t-shirts shoot?

A. You can control the distance by how long and hard you pull the trigger when you shoot the t-shirts. You can also leave the rubber bands off of the t-shirt, and the t-shirt will open up like a kite and come down a shorter distance.

Q. Do I need to put rubber bands on the t-shirts?

A. When you roll the t-shirts up tightly and use rubber bands the t-shirt stays rolled up and flies farther giving you the maximum distance.

Q. How many rubber bands do I use on the t-shirt.

A. You will use three rubber bands on each rolled up t-shirt. One on each end and one in the middle. This will help to keep the t-shirts rolled and more accessible to load into the barrel.

Q. Where do I get the CO2 tank filled?

A. You can exchange the empty tank for a full tank at a company called Airgas. You can go to airgas.com and search for a location close to you.

Q. How many t-shirts can I shoot on one tank?

A. You will get approximately 80 shots per tank.