Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon Instructions


How to Use a Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon

  1. Remove the lid from the road-case
  2. Take out the horn and hose
  3. Attach the horn to the inside shelf
  4. Attach the hose to the horn
  5. Attach the other end of the hose to CO2 tank
  6. Tighten connections
  7. Make sure ball valve by the horn is turned off
  8. Open the valve on the CO2 tank
  9. Pour confetti into hopper
  10. Open ball valve to shoot the confetti into the air
Open the road case
Attach horn to baseBall valve open and closed
Attach hose to hornAttach hose to CO2 tank
Tighten nutPour confetti into hopper
Turn ball valve to shoot confetti

The continuous flow confetti cannon is our biggest confetti cannon. It is very easy to set up for your event. The confetti will shoot out 80 feet and start spreading out covering a large area. Place the roadcase/hopper where there will be no obstructions to the flow of confetti.


Remove the top of the road-case and take out the hose and horn. Place the horn on top of the hopper. Make sure the CO2 input fitting is pointed to the rear.

Next, use the wing nuts to secure the horn to the hopper. Hand tighten the fitting on the hose to the CO2 input on the horn. Tighten with a wrench only ½ turn. Do not over tighten.

Turn the ball valve to the closed position. Make sure the CO2 siphon tank is upright and secured. Place the white plastic washer inside the CO2 nut. Tighten the CO2 nut onto the CO2 siphon tank. Open the valve on the CO2 siphon tank.

Loading the Confetti

Then, pour the confetti into the hopper. Fluff the confetti with your hands to make sure it is very loose. The confetti cannon is now charged with CO2 and ready to go.

When you are ready, turn the ball valve to the open position to blast the confetti. You can control the flow of confetti by only opening the ball valve just a little or all the way. If you open the ball valve all the way you will also get cold steam coming out of the horn.

Extending the Shot

You can also extend your confetti shot by pulsing the CO2. Open the valve and shoot a blast of confetti into the air. Then close the valve while the confetti is floating. Then open the valve and blast another shot of confetti. This cannon will shoot approximately 1 pound of confetti per second.

Increasing the Flow

You can increase the flow of confetti by using your hand. While the unit is on fluff the confetti in the hopper with your hand. This makes it easier for the confetti to pass through the horn.