Handheld Confetti Cannon Instructions


Cut the sleeve openSlide open end into barrel
Take hold of plastic sleevePull sleeve out while sliding confetti or streamer into barrel
Place compression cap onto barrelUse compression tape to secure cap to barrel
Rub tape to get a good sealScrew in CO2 cylinder
Aim upward at 45 degree anglePull ring quickly to fire confetti or streamers

Instructions for Handheld Confetti Cannon

Handheld Confetti Cannon is easy to load. Cut the end of the plastic sleeve and slide the open end into the barrel. Pull the plastic sleeve out of the barrel. At the same time push the confetti or streamers out of the plastic sleeve into the barrel. Next, place a compression cap over the open end of the barrel. Now using the black compression tape secure the compression cap to the barrel. Tape around the outside of the barrel and compression cap and not over the top of the barrel. Tape all the way around and rub the tape with your thumb to get a good seal. This ensures you get the best possible confetti and streamer shot. Screw a CO2 cylinder completely into the trigger. Your handheld confetti cannon is now loaded and ready to go.

Decide where you are going to fire the confetti cannon. Make sure it is an open area with no obstructions for the confetti or streamers. Confetti shoots over 35 feet and streamers shoot over 65 feet high. Hold the barrel with your left hand. Aim the barrel upwards at a 45 degree angle. Pull the ring trigger quickly and firmly to instantly fire the confetti or streamers.