How to Use Handheld Confetti Cannon

Handheld Confetti Cannon Instructions

Cutting the end of the streamer sleeve open.

Cut the sleeve

Slide the open end of the sleeve into the barrel.

Slide into barrel

Take hold of the plastic sleeve.

Grab plastic sleeve

Pull plastic sleeve out of the barrel.

Pull sleeve out

Place compression cap onto the barrel.

Put cap on barrel

Tape cap onto the barrel.

Secure cap with tape

Rubbing the tape to get a good seal.

Rub tape to seal

Screw co2 bulb into the trigger.

Screw in co2 bulb

Hold the confetti cannon pointing upwards into the air.

Point upwards

Pull trigger quickly to fire the confetti cannon.

Pull trigger to fire

That's all there is to create an awesome confetti or streamer shot with a handheld confetti cannon.