T-Shirt Cannon Instructions


How to Use a T-Shirt Cannon

  1. Make sure the CO2 tank is secured in the harness
  2. Use the quick disconnect fittings to attach the barrel
  3. Pull the rings completely back to lock barrel into place
  4. Attach safety cable to barrel
  5. Attach hose to CO2 tank and open the valve
  6. Put the backpack harness on and secure waist belt
  7. Slide a rolled t-shirt into the barrel
  8. Aim upwards and pull the trigger to shoot the t-shirt
T-Shirt.jpg ts-1.jpg
Make sure the CO2 tank is secured in the harness. Connect the barrel to the quick connect fitting.
ts-3.jpg ts-5.jpg
Pull the rings back fully to lock barrel in place. Attach safety cable from trigger handle to barrel.
TS-Full.jpg T-Shirt-BG.jpg
Attach hose to CO2 tank and tighten with wrench. Open the CO2 tank valve and secure the harness.

How to Fold and rubber band t-shirts

  1. Lay shirt flat
  2. Fold the sleeves in towards the center
  3. Grab the top by the neck and tightly roll downward
  4. Place 3 rubber bands to keep the shirt rolled
ts-6.jpg ts-7.jpg ts-8.jpg ts-9.jpg
Lay shirt flat Fold in sleeves Roll tightly Place 3 rubber bands