Confetti blasts 30 feet high

Pink Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Streamers Soar 50 feet

Streamers Shooting High

Confetti or Streamers

Our disposable confetti cannon will be perfect for your next event or festival. They come loaded with confetti or streamers. You select the colors when you order.
They arrive filled and ready to go. Aim them upwards at 45 degrees and twist the bottom. The confetti or streamers blast out of the barrel spreading high and wide.

Single Use

Our disposable confetti cannons are single use and totally portable. You can use them anywhere to add some fun and excitement to any event.

Ready to Go

Loaded with confetti or streamers. They are ready to go right out of the box. Aim the them upwards at 45 degrees and twist the bottom. The confetti or streamers shoot out of the barrel filling the air with color. Just aim, twist and shoot!

Custom Filled

Each one is custom filled. You select confetti or streamers. You choose the perfect colors for your event or celebration.

Tissue Confetti Colors
Tissue Confetti Colors

Tissue Streamer Colors
Tissue Streamer Colors
Metallic Confetti Colors
Metallic Confetti Colors
Metallic Streamer Colors
Metallic Streamer Colors

You Choose the Size

You can choose the small - 12”, medium - 16” or large - 24” size. It all depends on the type of event you are planning and the venue.

How Much Confetti

  • Small has 1200 pieces
  • Medium has 2000 pieces
  • Large has 3200 pieces

Great Confetti Coverage

Tissue paper confetti or metallic paper confetti shoots out of the single shot disposable confetti cannon. The confetti bursts into the air with gorgeous colors. The confetti will slowly float and fall as it hangs in the air.

How Many Streamers

  • Small has 20 streamers
  • Medium has 25 streamers
  • Large has 30 streamers

Streamer Coverage

Streamers fly out soaring high into the air. They unfurl as they fly into long colorful strips. This gives a stunning effect as they fly. The streamers are very easy to clean up.

  • Small - shoots 25 feet into the air
  • Medium - shoots 35 feet into the air
  • Large - shoots 45 feet into the air

Powered by

Compressed nitrogen gas powers this confetti cannon. This creates the greatest confetti and streamer shot for your effect. This is the same odorless, colorless and tasteless gas used to inflate car tires. It is a naturally occurring element. It makes up about 78% of the earth’s atmosphere. They are not spring-loaded or push up confetti cannons.

Staged shows

Easily cover a stage area with confetti. You can shoot the confetti cannons from the sides or back of the stage. Aim them upwards towards the center of the stage. Confetti shoots up and out and falls all around the stage.

Have 2 or more people ready with a confetti cannon. On cue, have them twist the bottom of the confetti cannon. The confetti instantly fills the air creating a beautiful confetti effect.


You can have several people standing on each side of the graduates/recipients. Each person having a loaded confetti cannon. Then at the height of the moment just aim and twist. Confetti fills the air with brilliant colors. It’s a marvelous moment to snap pictures.

Wedding Kits

Get your guests involved in the fun with our wedding confetti cannon kits. Give each wedding guest a disposable confetti cannon. Then at the precise time they can shower the new couple with a huge display of colorful confetti. Biodegradable tissue paper confetti is perfect for the dash to the honeymoon.

Gender Reveals

Gender reveal confetti cannons generate the complete surprise. They are a great and fun way to announce your new baby’s gender. Loaded with pink or blue confetti. They are not marked in any way on the outside. No one will know what color is inside. Guaranteed to surprise everyone!


You will make a hit at your next event or celebration with our disposable confetti cannons. This is a fun and economical way to get everyone involved in the fun. You pick either confetti or streamers and you even pick the colors. We load the confetti cannon and ship them to you ready to go. Just pass them out and twist the bottom to give the party a boost!


Churches use disposable confetti cannons at many of their services throughout the year. Easter, Christmas, Bible Studies, New Years Eve, and a lot of other celebrations and special engagements during the year.